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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

Before the MPA finals we need to have a handicap from your league. If you are planning on playing in the Finals you will need to have your league officer send us your handicap from your current league so we know what division your will be playing in.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
1852 A Tom Bahr Yes   6671 B Earl Gertken Yes   669 A Mike Moran Yes   4063 A Darryl Schomer Yes  
2659 B Cleveland Barnes Jr Yes   1246 Master Brian Haffner Yes   1614 AA Paul Morrison Yes   341 Master Matt Sherman Yes  
7496 C Jordan Berg Yes   11865 A Tim Hall Yes   17583 B Duane Muncy Yes   23062 B Pete Sholing Yes  
13989 B Justin Berg Yes   11886 B Mark Hanson Yes   16212 A Rick Munger Yes   17597 B Eric Soltis Yes  
9368 C Ryan Berg Yes   1967 C Ryan Haws Yes   8975 A Sin Munkhamxang Yes   2003 Master Jeff Spanier Yes  
1853 A Bryan Bergstraser Yes   8788 AA Larry Hebler Yes   2667 A Bill Nelson Yes   23112 B Jason Sprenger Yes  
7497 B Cory Beutler Yes   4251 A Luke Hodapp Yes   7523 B Carl Nelson Yes   1535 B Joe St. John Yes  
2675 B Jesse Borash Yes   682 A Wayne Holbrook Yes   9940 C James R. Newman Yes   17598 A Anthony St. Saurer Yes  
15233 B Jesse Bosch Yes   1274 AA Jason Hollenkamp Yes   2832 C Donna Nieman Yes   284 A Mark E. Steinhaus Yes  
5527 A Ray A. Campion Yes   2472 A Robert J. Jodsaas Yes   2655 A Andy Notsch Yes   2442 C Teresa A. Steinhaus Yes  
1966 A Andrew Clem Yes   4632 B Jason Kiehm Yes   2661 C Gloria Notsch Yes   17599 B Darin Stengl Yes  
16208 A Kris Copa Yes   4593 AA Jeff Klein Yes   16213 A Tom Peterka Yes   17600 B Greg Stengl Yes  
1105 A GEORGE A. DEDIC Yes   17594 A Gene Koenig Yes   7518 AA Jeff Petermeier Yes   16204 A Adam Sussner Yes  
2383 A Al Delong Yes   1657 B Wayne T. Konrad Yes   858 A George Peterson Yes   2650 A Troy Thesing Yes  
2663 C Michelle Denn Yes   4154 A Dan Krebs Yes   5126 A Roman Pierskalla Yes   4903 B Mary Ulmer Yes  
887 AA Mike Dougherty Yes   12263 B Shawn Kroll Yes   2662 C Cathy Pundsack Yes   13192 C Wade Vanalst Yes  
2653 B Brian DuChene Yes   22684 AA Ron Latterell Yes   12808 B Ryan Pundsack Yes   17601 A Jason Wensman Yes  
22269 B Tom Dyson Yes   2577 B Paul Lieggi III Yes   10304 B Mike P. Riley Yes   5129 A Steve Young Yes  
1964 C Mark Ellis Yes   2646 A Roger Lombard Yes   1104 B Dee Ruprecht Yes   5130 B Bobby Youngdahl Yes  
906 AA Mark Finken Yes   5132 A Joe Loscheider Yes   8772 C Dean Salonek Yes   2652 A Mark Zajaczkowski Yes  
16203 B Adam Fragodt Yes   1259 AA Ron Loscheider Yes   5136 A Larry Sampson Yes   8761 Unknown Jim Zanoth No  
2669 Unknown Jim Fuchs No   23541 AA Chris Loxtercamp Yes   13391 B Randy Schmidt Yes   5137 A Kyle Zanoth Yes  
6799 B Chris L. Galbraith Yes   2668 A Bill Marklowitz Yes   17595 B Rick Schmit Yes   8760 Unknown Lumpy Zanoth No  
8799 C Amanda Garner Yes   5127 A Adam Meyer Yes   17596 B Tom Schmit Yes  
5125 B Travis Geis Yes   4071 A Dave Meyer Yes   2250 AA Ron G. Schmitt Yes  
22364 B Greg Genette Yes   12506 A Paul Meyer Yes   1589 B Tony Schmitz Yes  

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