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Robert G. Montgomery
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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

Before the MPA finals we need to have a handicap from your league. If you are planning on playing in the Finals you will need to have your league officer send us your handicap from your current league so we know what division your will be playing in.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
2260 B Mike Almquist Yes   6645 A Mike Eales Yes   5759 B Pete H. Markham Yes   5795 C Randy Rowell Yes  
6000 B Jim S. Anderson Yes   4669 C Trevor Esson Yes   5761 C Jamie Mathison Yes   1216 AA Jeff Schelin Yes  
5703 C Scott Anderson Yes   313 A John P. Farrell Yes   17372 A Willie Mattson Yes   5078 A Kelly Scitz Yes  
5704 C Dewey Asbach Yes   5727 C Dale Fergon Yes   1351 B Paul McArthur Yes   4500 C Nick Selnes Yes  
5054 A Dillon Bailey Yes   5729 C Charles Fields Yes   4495 C Tim McArthur Yes   7384 A David Shepard Yes  
2274 AA Brian Baker Yes   1215 AA Chad Folken Yes   16182 C Michael "Mike" McCarthy Yes   23075 Master Sonya Skoglund Yes  
4141 B Joel Baker Yes   8849 B Tim "Buck" Forrest Yes   5765 A Bill McFarland Yes   5803 C Zach Smith Yes  
18629 A James Balduc Yes   4671 C Andrew Fredrickson Yes   17373 A Chris McGuire Yes   9829 A Tim Spradau Yes  
9833 B Alan Barlau Yes   13271 C Ron Freitag Yes   2389 B Kelly Jo Messina Yes   17392 A William "Bill" Staubs Yes  
18630 A Robert Beam Yes   2498 A Rick Frestedt Yes   5626 C Joe Miller Yes   5080 A Matt Steltz Yes  
18631 A Barry Beaumont Yes   5732 C Andy Gamache Yes   5768 C Tim Mittlestadt Yes   5805 C Josie Strand Yes  
15881 A Bruce Becker Yes   5733 C Luke Gamble Yes   5770 C Thomas Moilanen Yes   4229 C Steve D. Strand Yes  
5709 C Steve Bennet Yes   2388 B Lynn Gellatly Yes   5834 A Larry Monchamp Yes   17394 A Orvell "Stan" Sunde Yes  
6034 C William Berg Yes   2615 A Derak E. Gergen Yes   17376 A Kerry Monson Yes   13597 A Rob Swanson Yes  
1372 A Al M. Berthiaume Yes   8905 C Jim Gross Yes   2490 B Robert G. Montgomery Yes   5806 B Tim Swanson Yes  
1263 A Bill Beyer Yes   18635 A Emory Hagemeyer Yes   5772 A Tom Muhvic Yes   17395 A Eryn Symczak Yes  
5057 A Chris Bijold Yes   2319 B Kevin Halligan Yes   9470 C Autumn Murphy Yes   2345 B Corey Tate Yes  
5058 A John Bijold Yes   5063 A Jake Hanson Yes   1395 B James "Jim" Murphy Yes   1346 B Larry Telega Yes  
16137 A Barry Bjorklund Yes   17368 A Paul Heams Yes   4697 A Forrest Musick Yes   17396 A Jeremy Turchi Yes  
1213 B Don "Bucko" Bloom Jr Yes   18636 A John Hendrickson Yes   8915 A Jennifer Nordeen Yes   18641 A Pat Turnball Yes  
9447 C Joe J. Bloom Yes   17369 A Brent Hoffman Yes   2339 B Jason Oakley Yes   7388 C Julie Ulvila Yes  
4497 C Mike Bloom Yes   1252 A John J. Hummel Yes   17378 A Mark Oestriech Yes   5809 C Cindy Upton Yes  
1289 B Bob Bong Yes   2466 AA Adam Jaros Yes   5776 C Jay O'Leary Yes   2285 C Dawn Valure Yes  
18632 A Alex Brownie Yes   18637 A Mike Jarvis Yes   17379 A Stanton Olsen Yes   2277 B Lane a. Viele Yes  
18633 A Duane Brownie Yes   2293 C Alex S. Johns Yes   1284 A Scott Orville Yes   2370 A Nick A. Viele Yes  
11411 A Pat Buchburger Yes   3092 C Amy Johnson Yes   17382 C Adam Palkie Yes   2300 A Dave C. Virginia Yes  
10814 C Ted "Theo" Bujold Yes   18638 A Jeff Johnson Yes   5783 C Randy Parker Yes   18642 A Aaron Vork Yes  
2280 B Marston "Marty" Bush Yes   5062 C Sue Johnson Yes   2239 B Michael Patterson Yes   5476 A Dan Wabik Yes  
5715 C Mike Busick Yes   12109 A James Joki Yes   17383 A Justin Paulson Yes   5477 B Gayle Wabik Yes  
5716 B Matt Butorac Yes   4681 B Cory Jorgensen Yes   1344 A Kevin Pearson Yes   1406 B John Wagner Yes  
16153 C Birch Carlson Yes   701 AA Charles Kennedy Yes   12741 B Scott Petersdorf Yes   18643 A Cody Waldron Yes  
4503 C Chase Carlson Yes   1313 B Lance Kiminski Yes   1305 A Gary Peterson Yes   1309 A Joe M. Walkowiak Yes  
9816 C Ember Carlson Yes   1418 C Patty Kiminski Yes   8777 B Jon Peterson Yes   23321 C Lisa Walkowiak Yes  
18634 A Marty Chesney Yes   8853 A Nick Kitzman Yes   5784 C Ole Peterson Yes   2318 A Mike Walkowiak Yes  
16158 A Eddie Chicos Yes   5748 C Mary Koecher Yes   5785 C Renee Peterson Yes   2495 B Chris Waltz Yes  
5722 C Chad Clore Yes   3475 C Gail Korich Yes   22903 B Rick "Dick" Phillips Yes   2237 B Larry Ward Yes  
1334 B Dale Connor Yes   4499 AA Mark S. Lachecki Yes   17384 A Charlie Plys Yes   5815 B Tim Ward Yes  
4662 C Kristy Connor Yes   5484 A Alex Larson Yes   17385 A Billy Polanka Yes   5816 C Carlene Ware Yes  
16249 A Eric Cooper Yes   1333 B Cory Leinwander Yes   4946 C Jerry Polla Yes   5817 B Tony Wasbotten Yes  
16252 A Ben Cornick Yes   18639 A Greg Lerach Yes   4496 C Roger Poukka Yes   2188 AA Gerry A. Weeks Yes  
4663 A Bob Crom Yes   17371 A Derek Lindberg Yes   4700 A Allan Pryor Yes   17397 A Nathaniel "Nat" Williams Yes  
5724 C Mike Curnow Yes   18640 A Ron Linden Yes   18033 B Kevin J. Quigley Yes   11135 A Nick Wirz Yes  
2332 B David "Pete" Diver Jr Yes   12374 B Kevin Linn Yes   17388 A Shawn Quist Yes   1335 A Dan "Dan" Witzman Yes  
2363 C Kendall Diver Yes   16061 B Steve Linnell Yes   5793 C Rod Reynolds Yes   5657 A Kari Young Yes  
2334 C Richard Diver Yes   1401 C Jim Listerud Yes   5566 B Les Richards Yes  
9820 A Dan Dougherty Yes   6656 A Dave Lutzka Yes   8920 A Matt Ridgewell Yes  
2290 C JP Durfee Yes   2278 B Dave Marincel Yes   13199 B Craig Robarge Yes  

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