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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

Before the MPA finals we need to have a handicap from your league. If you are planning on playing in the Finals you will need to have your league officer send us your handicap from your current league so we know what division your will be playing in.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
2881 B Chris Aeschliman Yes   112 B Richard M. Dreyling Jr Yes   595 B John Kuehl Yes   16369 A Riley Nowicki Yes  
6909 B Brad W. Anderson Yes   1948 A Mike Duscher Yes   21006 C Sarah Kuehl Yes   8174 A Steve Oakins Yes  
592 B Ryan Arney Yes   4546 AA Gary Dwallibee Yes   593 B Dave Labarre Yes   16368 A Zach Olander Yes  
14084 B John W. Ballmann Yes   16367 A Jerry Edgell Yes   14086 C Eric Larson Yes   21009 B Benny Omundson Yes  
5091 B Doug Balsimo Yes   11086 A Dan Fox Yes   892 C Jesse Leahy Yes   1867 A Rick Ottinger Yes  
1912 C Jean Bauer Yes   1943 B Mike Garza Yes   1938 B Joe Leonard Yes   9367 B Jimmy Paredes Yes  
9364 B Troy Bernier Yes   1933 B Ron Graf Yes   2255 B Tim Lewis Yes   14070 B John Polski Yes  
6108 B Paul Brandt Yes   14071 B Mike Grimes Yes   14085 C Brandon Leyte Yes   3938 A Paul D. Reyes Yes  
11386 C Scott L. Brown Yes   9362 C Melanie Heldt Yes   16373 A Mark Lokowich Yes   14069 B Nick Rutten Yes  
16374 A Jamie Burnotte Yes   16371 A Martin Hoffsten Yes   14080 B Carlos R. Lopez Yes   1497 AA Arturo Sanchez Yes  
596 B Kenny Cable Yes   7516 B Todd D. Hurst Yes   14075 C Shirley Mackey Yes   1937 B Frank Santovi Yes  
22194 A Dale Chilton Yes   10159 B Santiago Jackson Yes   732 B Gregg Markie Yes   13889 B Ben Speldrick Yes  
1910 C Bev Christopherson Yes   7406 C Richard L. Jarvis Yes   12442 C Renee Marsh Yes   8415 C Shawn Standley Yes  
3717 B Darron Cork Yes   10160 A Kevin Jasperson Yes   16370 A Greg Mathews Yes   4113 C Kathy Thomas Yes  
1902 C Jamie Cork Yes   5098 B Ralph Juckel Yes   9363 B James Mccarty Yes   14074 B Dave Waldhauser Yes  
2254 B Tom Cosgrove Yes   778 B Kevin D. Klein Yes   14068 C Sean Mccarty Yes   3072 B Jeff Wallis Yes  
9565 B Bob Cox Yes   5103 B Will Klein Yes   1950 B Chris Meyer Yes   594 B David Whyte Yes  
9378 A Rick Cramlet Yes   16372 A Dave Knipfel Yes   5089 B Bobby Moreno Yes   1530 B Margaret Wind Yes  
14067 C Mike Darveaux Yes   2253 B Wayne Knutson Yes   13868 AA Beau-James Morseth Yes  
3719 A Tom Dervie Yes   7731 B Rick Krosko Yes   14079 C Denny Nelson Yes  
6318 B Michael Doherty Yes   4112 B Mike Krupenny Yes   21005 C Maureen Nelson Yes  

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