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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
2216 AA Alrick Accobee jr No   1662 B Ruben Delacruz No   6821 C John G. Kamprud No   1469 AA Matt Pobanz Yes  
2215 B Alrick Accobee sr Yes   16390 C Eric Delgado No   1516 A Kurt Karbowski Yes   6585 B Carl Pollard No  
1650 B Rene Aggamaway No   6770 C Tyler W. Derksen Yes   4966 A Mike Kelner No   16383 A Dave Priddy No  
504 Master Gene Albrecht Yes   13872 C William Derksen Yes   8133 B David "Dave" Kemmer No   1694 A Brent Prososki Yes  
7997 C Brett Anderson Yes   8750 B Jeremy Drummer No   14834 A Laramie Keplin Yes   9119 A Shawn Quinsey Yes  
2807 B Casey Anderson No   13262 A Scott Dulian Yes   3256 B Bruce Keranen No   1019 A Pradhuman Rana No  
1570 B Jason Anderson Yes   15337 C Mary Durkop No   22607 B Kraig Ketter No   261 C Don Redepenning Yes  
1397 B Jeff A. Anderson No   11607 A Dan Edwards Yes   1451 B Yong Kim No   8280 B Daniel Rehm Yes  
2384 AA Jim Andres No   10127 C Art Ellson Yes   1889 B Mike Kingsley Yes   23750 B Toby Reible No  
15223 A Beverly Ashton No   1884 B Rick Elm No   8853 A Nick Kitzman Yes   1697 C Mary Reich No  
3510 AA Taylor J. Axley Yes   11626 AA Chris Engel No   5414 B Harley Klimesh Yes   12837 B Jason Reick No  
14736 A Eric Azure Yes   499 Master Jesse Engel Yes   650 C Randy Koecheler No   724 B Michele Ricci No  
8977 Master Ken Azure Yes   1818 C Jeri Engh Yes   15399 C Duane Kruse No   1229 AA Nate Rinehart Yes  
14908 AA Blake Baker Yes   14742 A Clint Enns Yes   2047 AA Mark A. Kuklok Yes   21124 B Tim Rivard Yes  
10747 A Rick "baldy" Baldwin Yes   3057 B Brian L. Erickson No   241 B Brian LaCount Yes   5200 C Toby Rivord No  
2929 A Mo Bashir Yes   9715 B Cliff A. Erickson No   9917 C Andrew L. Lange Yes   16013 B Kenneth "Ken" Roark No  
1567 AA Jesse Bastyr Yes   1635 B James Espinosa Yes   1887 AA William J. LaPointe No   6506 B Kevin J. Roark Yes  
4215 B Scott Baxter No   2419 C Sharon Fisher No   5212 B Jonathan Larson Yes   1765 C Robert Royal Yes  
16382 B Bill Beaman No   15838 C Patrick "Flava" Flavin Yes   9732 B John D. LaValley No   4033 A Jared Rudlong Yes  
14849 C Linc Beattie Yes   959 AA Brent Fletcher Yes   10550 Master Blair Lawson No   1468 Master Beau Runningen No  
15215 C Matt D. Beattie Yes   960 B John Flores No   4830 B Dylan Legried Yes   11120 C Michelle Sakry Yes  
22067 B Marvin Beaulie No   16221 B Lj Fosberg No   5413 B Troy Lensing No   1228 Master Dan Saliente No  
11246 B Marvin Beaulieu Yes   2988 A Terry L. Fullerton No   2608 B Scott Lentz Yes   1748 B Gary Sandeen No  
8943 B Garett J. Beck Yes   15218 A Jason Galenza Yes   2298 C Sid Lewis No   15217 B Collyne Savage Yes  
5208 B Cody Becker No   1481 A Jim Gallagher No   15395 C Steven Lewis No   13369 B Dan Schaffer No  
3555 AA Mark E. Becker No   15281 C Cody Gardner Yes   7501 B Rj Leyendecker No   919 C Alexander T. Schlueter Yes  
5308 B Lonnie Bellcourt No   16376 B Ben Garlie No   7500 C Todd Leyendecker No   23040 A Mike Schriefels No  
1283 AA Ryan Bennett Yes   3245 C Brandon Gilliam No   23131 A Phillip "Phil" Liptak Yes   2543 B Shannon L. Schultz Yes  
14741 A Frank Berg Yes   6519 A Larry R. Godin Yes   7807 B Anthony Longhofer Yes   9001 A Barry Shaw No  
932 B Jason Berg Yes   16132 C Mike M. Goos Yes   15074 A Geoff MacEachern Yes   15282 C Kaleb "Kickshot" Shnyder No  
7059 C Tracey Bernhard Yes   1292 AA Brad Gores Yes   15389 B Gerard Macisaac Yes   14052 B Dustin Sieben Yes  
16017 C Alex Bloms Yes   4735 A Don Graf Yes   9648 C Dallas J. Mahoney No   6518 A Nick Sivonen Yes  
5391 C Lyndon Bloms Yes   157 A Patrick Graham Yes   5623 C Jeff Marinucci Yes   9134 AA Darryl Smith Yes  
5389 B Monte Bloms Yes   15172 C Tammy Grammond No   1583 B Karen Martin Yes   4578 B Scott H. Sonnenberg No  
9447 C Joe "Joe" Bloom Yes   3803 AA Sam Gravseth No   1582 B Richard Martin Yes   14782 Master Joe Spence Yes  
15742 A Jeremiah C. Boettcher Yes   6805 B Lee Gray No   5443 B Dan Mault No   3248 A Lloyd Sporre Yes  
13880 A Dieter Bonas Yes   3852 A Bryce R. Grobe No   4480 Master Jack McKenna Yes   5844 B Ben St. John No  
5541 A Dan Bone Yes   2225 C Walt Gross Yes   8679 Master Cornell McLean Jr Yes   1037 Master Craig Stainbrook No  
7277 A Richard Boyd Yes   2314 Master Dustin Gunia Yes   15254 B Josh Meneer Yes   1440 A Jeffery S. Stephens Yes  
484 B Steven Brand No   9422 AA Carey Hafner Yes   506 Master Johnny Meyer Yes   15310 C Joe Stevens Yes  
1293 A Brandon Bright Yes   3554 A Ron R. Hagberg Yes   13917 C Dave Meyers No   125 A Tyler Stich No  
1747 A Ron Broderson No   186 B Nicholas Hagemeister Yes   7885 B Eric C. Michaels Yes   1275 AA Jayson Strong Yes  
20529 B Gary Brost Yes   4455 AA Josh Hagstrom Yes   4107 C Breanna Miettinen Yes   1242 AA Tom Sullivan Yes  
20530 C Tami Brost Yes   2578 A Ronald Hakkila Yes   9994 A Rich Mikes Yes   2051 A Gary L. Sunde No  
16016 B Jeremy "Nd" Brown Yes   9000 A Randy Hamm Yes   15267 C Kyle Mileski Yes   4172 B Moua Tao No  
15336 C Tonya M. Brown Yes   154 B Jeff Hanson No   1641 B Brett G. Miller Yes   6733 B Moua W. Thao Yes  
2350 C Jan Bryan Yes   15063 AA Nick J. Hanson Yes   15955 C Jared Miller Yes   15221 C Xue Thao Yes  
11138 A Bradley K. Burns Yes   12952 Master Randy Hanson No   16375 C Justin J. Miller No   15227 B Travis J. Thiele No  
2211 Master Josh Burtzel Yes   10824 B Roger Harju Yes   15289 AA Makean Miller No   14747 B Gary Thomas Yes  
22180 A Dick Callier No   113 B Ryan Harmsen Yes   2844 B Joseph Moats Yes   505 Master Daniel A. Thompson Yes  
16391 C Mando Cardenas No   16220 C Paul Harris No   16379 A Eddie Moreno No   1492 B Doug Thompson Yes  
5465 B Steve Carroll No   13263 B Dean Hause No   5501 A Joshua Morgan No   15266 C Jeremy B. Thomson Yes  
16377 B Bruce Chambers No   541 C Dahle Heacock No   3194 B Kevin M. Moriarty No   15219 B Kevin Toles Yes  
1261 Master Vince Chambers Yes   2032 C Casidy Heilman No   4289 B Jules Mortinson Yes   10806 A Richard Urbanik Yes  
4232 B Bryan D. Champagne Yes   2793 A Joe Heilman Yes   10543 A Gerald Mosher Yes   16378 B Chad Urlaub No  
8053 C Pierre Chaput Yes   2425 AA Don Henderson Yes   10328 A Quentin "Muzh Man" Mosher Yes   1467 A Cole M. Vagovich Yes  
11113 C Mike D. Charls Yes   4187 B Pao m. Her Yes   15288 B Xang Moua Yes   492 B Tony "Chief" Valiant Sr No  
3473 B Mike Checco No   15173 B Dean A. Hetchler No   5830 A Tim Mozey No   10801 B Perry G. Van Damme Yes  
9698 B Eileen Chomik Yes   20464 A Austin Hill Yes   3630 B Timothy J. Murphy Yes   1049 B Mitchell Van Vleet No  
11457 B Dan Christenson No   1278 A Jeff Hill Yes   16219 B Jonathon Muzek No   2433 B Benny VanCleve Yes  
6682 C Janice M. Christiansen No   15837 C Rich Hinnenkamp Yes   237 AA Jeff Nadeau Yes   8689 Master Eric Vargas Yes  
16384 C Chris Christianson No   4940 B Carsten Hirtz No   2624 B Rachael Nadeau Yes   23226 B Matt Vine No  
1631 AA RICH CIPONI Yes   21015 A Sam Hoff No   7944 Master Bruce Nelson No   2477 Master Dan Voeller Yes  
9649 C Todd Clark Yes   5272 A Ryan Hogans Yes   8596 A Rafael Nieto Yes   16356 AA Sandro L. Volery No  
21018 C Connie Cofell Yes   5461 B Darrin Hoger No   10331 B Ken Noble Yes   4185 B Wesley Vondelinde No  
2320 A Cale Coffey No   5791 Master Stephen Holem Yes   15833 C Michael "Mike" Noble No   15940 AA George Walters Yes  
5439 C Neil R. Cole Yes   3414 A Matt Hook Yes   101 A Scott Norberg Yes   16385 A Tyler Webster Yes  
2180 AA Paul Conley Yes   2361 B James Howard Yes   9256 B Christopher O'connor Yes   5459 B Scott Wenger Yes  
15240 A Noah Contreras Yes   2362 C Laura Howard Yes   2790 Master Marc Oelslager Yes   15929 C Oraetta F. West No  
340 A Dave Coon Yes   16381 B Frank Howe No   2623 Master Danny J. Olson Yes   410 B Pat Weyas Yes  
1377 C Robert L. Copeland Yes   2348 A Sam Howell Yes   13171 A Joseph Olson Yes   523 B Brad Widmer Yes  
490 A Tony L. Corrow No   10802 B Lisa Hunt Yes   15379 A Brenden "Golden Boy" OMeara Yes   1993 B Chad Wilson No  
16394 B Steven Cox Yes   9992 A Kevin Huss No   16238 C Rick Oshel No   8830 A Samuel N. Wing Yes  
170 A Josh T. Coyle Yes   15835 B Tyler Huss No   1518 B Carol Osten No   8762 C Keith Winter Yes  
1517 AA Zebuelon "Zeb" Crawford Yes   2846 A Rick Jasmer Yes   9495 B Austin Osterloh No   1057 B David "Dave" Wittmer Yes  
9684 C Larinda Crowder Yes   503 Master Demetrius "Demi" Jelatis Yes   13135 B Doug Otterson No   1335 A Daniel "Dan" Witzman Yes  
2614 AA Chad C. Cunningham Yes   5392 C Jaeden Jenson Yes   22872 B Garrett Paine Yes   15279 C Will Wren Yes  
10813 A Ross J. Curry Yes   21024 B Jason Jerome No   6744 Master Michael Pankoff Yes   15081 B Cj Wrobleski Yes  
14008 C Joe Dahlin No   22565 B Kris "Johnny" Johnson Yes   7215 AA Tyler Perry Yes   15287 B Kou Xiong No  
3603 A Dave Damman Yes   1181 B Rusty Johnson No   12748 A Jon M. Peterson Yes   8573 C Robert Young No  
952 B Gary Dandurand No   4865 B Steve V. Johnson No   1189 B Tyler Peterson No   15839 B Jason Youngkrantz No  
2071 C Steven Davis No   7658 A Curt Johnston No   16222 C Tony Petry No   15179 B Dillon R. Zemlicka No  
20943 B Greg Day No   4681 B Cory Jorgensen No   1528 AA Chase Plumley Yes   16387 C Chad Zitzow No  

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