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Players who paid individually
John Stich
Officer Phone
(507) 210-7558   
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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
14849 C Linc Beattie No   2782 C Celeste Heatley Yes   4549 C ChongZoua Lor No   4366 B Tony "The Tiger" Shnyder Yes  
11246 C Marvin J. Beaulieu No   151 A Jesse Hill No   1645 Master Kevin McGrath Yes   17899 C Tony Sprain No  
1283 AA Ryan Bennett No   512 Master Tony Hilla Yes   5695 B Ryan McGrath Yes   13280 A Larry Taylor No  
2869 B Dave M. Berg No   21130 B Luke Hofmeister No   3630 B Timothy J. Murphy No   1091 B Jet Tourtillott Yes  
2614 Master Chad C. Cunningham Yes   20247 C Larry Holmes No   4362 C German Perez No   1572 Master Dan Voller No  
2038 B Nick Elwell Yes   15312 B Joel Jensen Yes   511 Master Jamie Pluta Yes   15929 C Oraetta F. West No  
1818 C Jeri Engh Yes   6719 B Brennen W. Johnson No   18116 C Harry J. Polenychko Yes   4574 B Cory S. Wheeler No  
1635 B James Espinosa Yes   11481 C Kevin C. Johnson Yes   1503 A Jim Powell No   1477 Master David J. Wiebelhaus Yes  
1481 A Jim Gallagher No   4865 B Steve V. Johnson Yes   9010 AA JD "Young Buck" Prestegard Yes   2323 B Stacey Yellowcloud Yes  
16975 B Nick Ghinter Yes   1488 B Tadas Kosciuska Yes   4538 B Nick Putnam No   13157 C Jacob P. Zamora Yes  
18204 C Denise Grimes No   13221 Master Dan Kuhl No   1229 AA Nate Rinehart No  
15088 A Shane Heath No   5212 B Jonathan Larson No   6506 B Kevin J. Roark Yes  

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