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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

Before the MPA finals we need to have a handicap from your league. If you are planning on playing in the Finals you will need to have your league officer send us your handicap from your current league so we know what division your will be playing in.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
6049 C Daniel Altwegg Yes   1632 AA Alan Frank Yes   14035 A Jason Lorenzen Yes   1802 C Josh Salseg Yes  
2073 A Brady S. Anderson Yes   14061 C Rabi Gartaula Yes   1498 A Luke Lund Yes   1497 AA Arturo Sanchez Yes  
7997 C Brett Anderson Yes   10137 C Timothy Geisler Yes   472 B Trevor Maas Yes   17470 C Steve Sauber Yes  
1691 A Dave Anderson Yes   3181 B Lars R. Gerfast Yes   7998 Unknown Wayne Mahan No   8341 C Justin Savageau Yes  
1447 C Gene Anderson Yes   1843 B Erik Gilomen Yes   17454 C Craig Manoney Yes   17471 B Pete Schalwig Yes  
6062 AA Mark -. Anderson Yes   6820 A Beth Giovannone Yes   7842 B John R. Markgraf Yes   6819 C Del Schubert Yes  
3171 A Matt Anderson Yes   17466 C Mark Glenzinski Yes   17455 C Matt Martin Yes   13699 C Kelley Schuster Yes  
1496 A Ralph Anderson Yes   3529 C James Glisky Yes   17456 B Jeff Meier Yes   1924 AA Dick Selbitschka Yes  
13875 B Denval A. Atkinson Yes   1494 B Terry Goulet Yes   535 A Jeff Meixner Yes   8382 C Larry Shaughnessy Yes  
21189 C Karsten L. Backlund Yes   4368 B Daniel P. Grant Yes   530 A Mark Merritt Yes   17472 AA Alex Simanski Yes  
21150 C Dan Baker Yes   3172 C Rain Grimm Yes   22781 C John Meyer Yes   16812 B James Skakoon Yes  
1248 AA Daxs Balenger Yes   1243 A Mark Gunter Yes   9994 A Rich Mikes Yes   4817 A Bracken E. Smith Yes  
5966 C Darby Ballis Yes   3188 C Heidi Gustavson Yes   1641 B Brett G. Miller Yes   3961 B Russell Smith Yes  
17451 C Margit Barot Yes   4004 C Dave Hammer Yes   2128 B Tim Moe Yes   4323 A Thomas P. Smith Yes  
1689 B Jon Benedict Yes   1791 B Andy Harvego Yes   137 A Carl A. Moore Yes   17473 C Nick Spero Yes  
3252 AA Derek Benson Yes   21172 C Jake Hauser Yes   1473 B Doug More Yes   2932 B Ron St Pierre Yes  
6509 B Jason B. Bolduc Yes   3190 A Ross Hawley Yes   3173 A Bradley Moreland Yes   17457 C John Stahley Yes  
860 B Mark Bonner Yes   3532 C Steve Headding Yes   10058 C David Muckenhim Yes   17458 B Bill Steffen Yes  
17452 C Mike Boyko Yes   14045 A Greg Herrmann Yes   17467 C Matt Muckenhim Yes   1788 C Dave Strickland Yes  
484 B Steven Brand Yes   3539 B Michael R. Higgins Yes   1143 A Ryan Murphy Yes   1445 A Daniel N. Temple Yes  
1092 B Dustin G. Burke Yes   15283 C Blaine Hinck Yes   10206 C Kevin P. Nash Yes   17474 B Doug Touey Yes  
17453 B Rick Buyens Yes   21166 B Ray Hirte Yes   99 B Scott Norberg Yes   5451 C Jason Trask Yes  
4045 C Vance B. Campbell Yes   8017 C Nate Jacobs Yes   101 B Scott Norberg Yes   17459 C Darrel Trowbridge Yes  
3077 B Ryan Carlson Yes   3182 C David Johnson Yes   6707 C Philip Novacek Yes   3191 A Tim Twite Yes  
17463 C Jared Carr Yes   15638 B Toni L. Johnson Yes   14059 A John O'brien Yes   17460 C Dave Tyra Yes  
6197 C Rodney Cassedy Yes   7621 B John Jones Yes   21171 C Rick O'brien Yes   2433 B Benny VanCleve Yes  
14038 A Wallace Cleveland Yes   22573 B Chuck Jordan Yes   1804 C Chris Olson Yes   1644 Master Jeff Vansickle Yes  
17464 C steve Crumley Yes   17450 C Al Judd Yes   1464 A Lonnie Olson Yes   10264 C John Venzke Yes  
8021 A Kyle Davis Yes   21174 C Tim Kersting Yes   4054 A Jay O'Neill Yes   17475 C Mike Venzke Yes  
3135 C Anthony L. DeJoy Yes   4049 A Ed Klaers Yes   10215 C Scott Onken Yes   14116 C Joey A. Violette Yes  
2100 B Jason A. DeJoy Yes   4048 B Joe Klaers Yes   8015 A Mike Orth Yes   10267 B Kaleb Vold Yes  
17465 C Matt DeRusha Yes   7732 B James Kruchten Yes   14046 A Patrick Paguyo Yes   8505 A David Wagner Yes  
7928 Master Toby Dick Yes   10171 C Zachary Kwakenat Yes   17468 C Troy Paulson Yes   17461 B Doug Walters Yes  
6325 C William Donovan Yes   7369 B Chad J. Lampman Yes   3747 B Jesse Pederson Yes   10268 A Darin F. Weber Yes  
1884 B Rick Elm Yes   7459 C Joe Lampman Yes   17469 C Bruce Peterson Yes   8521 A Randall Weiser Yes  
7993 A Patrick Ermer Yes   13874 B Shane T. Lampman Yes   7992 C Crystal Peterson Yes   14057 A Rob Worman Yes  
6381 B Anthony L. Faust Yes   7958 A Tim Larson Yes   4079 A Nate Peterson Yes   17462 A Paul Wynes Yes  
3186 A Peter Ferch Yes   4055 A Phil Lefever Yes   21153 C Scott E. Polzin Yes   3189 B Jess Yager Yes  
6827 A Shannon Fisher Yes   1767 C Rachel Lewis Yes   14056 A Rick Randall Yes   1227 AA Tom Zensen Yes  
14058 B Michelle Foley Yes   7996 A Jordan Lindquist Yes   4043 A Bill Rau Yes  

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