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Northern Amusement
Northern Amusement
Darin Meyer
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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

Before the MPA finals we need to have a handicap from your league. If you are planning on playing in the Finals you will need to have your league officer send us your handicap from your current league so we know what division your will be playing in.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
2963 A Neil Brown Yes   15388 C Billy Headbird Yes   2395 B Verlin Kingbird Yes   1702 A Ira Schoenborn Yes  
1264 A Bill S. Brunelle Yes   2976 A Craig Heisz Yes   6676 B Willard L. Kingbird Yes   1703 B Richard Schulman Yes  
1245 Master Brian Brunelle Yes   2977 A Ken Hilliard Yes   1617 B Mike Kornezos Yes   5111 C Steve Smuk Yes  
1276 AA Jeff Brunelle Yes   16364 A Rod Hilliard Yes   7956 AA Ted Lafriniere Yes   2981 A Darren Stangel Yes  
2397 B Tony A. Brunelle Yes   1122 AA Bobby Hunter Yes   7985 B Angie K. Londgren Yes   2978 A Waldon J. Tverstol Yes  
2969 A Jim Dixon Sr Yes   4226 B Rod Jackson Yes   1688 A Darin Meyer Yes   5112 C Nick Virkus Yes  
16366 A Tom Downs Yes   1890 B Eric Johnson Yes   7278 A Steve Miller Yes   6670 A Ken Washington Yes  
2224 A Louis Drift Yes   1888 A Steve Jorgenson Yes   1630 B Pam Mitchell Yes   5113 C Al White Yes  
2974 A B.J. Graves Yes   7954 B Keveon Kingbird Yes   5408 C Austin T. Moss Yes   6856 A Roy White Sr Yes  
16365 A Joel M. Hardy Yes   7955 B Kevin Kingbird Yes   1665 A Jeremy Olson Yes   7272 B Royal R. White Yes  
15278 C Donny Harrison Yes   2972 A Mack Kingbird Yes   5110 C Patrick Rainy Yes  
6681 C Daniel Head Yes   2491 A Ron Kingbird Yes   2204 A Simon Roybal Yes  
5107 A David Head Yes   557 A Ryan Kingbird Yes   7275 A Kelly Rust Yes  

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