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Thunder Bay Pool League
Jodi Mason
Officer Phone
(999) 999-9999   
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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

Before the MPA finals we need to have a handicap from your league. If you are planning on playing in the Finals you will need to have your league officer send us your handicap from your current league so we know what division your will be playing in.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
2518 A Mike Carr Yes   1675 A Ryan Ewing Yes   1653 A James S. Mackenzie Yes   6828 B Brian L. Sonego Yes  
1240 A Bruce Carrier Yes   8708 AA Dana Kell Yes   1654 C Rose Mackenzie Yes   1389 C Dawn Willoughby Yes  
1402 C Joanne J. Cheechoo Yes   10045 A Jeff Korkola Yes   10320 B Ernie Rumpel Yes  
1320 AA Randy Cheechoo Yes   1272 B Gilles Lecompte Yes   4219 B Bo Sault Yes  
1404 C John Doyon Yes   6748 A Michel R. Loubier Yes   1655 B Vince Simon Yes  

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