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Please Note! If you are not Eligible hover over the "No" in the Eligible column and the reason will be displayed.

Before the MPA finals we need to have a handicap from your league. If you are planning on playing in the Finals you will need to have your league officer send us your handicap from your current league so we know what division your will be playing in.

MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible   MPA Rating Name Eligible  
8132 B James A. Ackerman Yes   15608 A Travis "Travis" Fearing Yes   21313 B Ryan M. Larson Yes   2919 A Melbert P. Rubink Yes  
2415 C Lauren M. Adams Yes   6976 C Ethan J. Feldman Yes   7772 B Thomas S. Larson Yes   21369 C Kenneth G. Rued Yes  
7166 C Randy D. Adams Yes   6977 B Randy A. Feldsien Yes   13002 B Alan Laubach Yes   8320 C Jeffrey Ruhoff Yes  
2611 A Todd M. Adamski Yes   5696 AA Mike Fenne Yes   9918 B Robert D. Laughton Yes   1299 A Craig Runnakko Yes  
12862 B David Adascheck Yes   15609 B Austin M. Fennell Yes   7773 C Russell Lausen Yes   15224 B Kyle Runtsch Yes  
12864 B Joseph "Joe" Adelmann Yes   6383 B Kevin Fenner Yes   4257 B James LaVoie Yes   3948 C Jim Rutledge Yes  
3108 B Steven C. Adkins Yes   6979 C Lonnie A. Finke Yes   3071 B Adam Leavitt Yes   8322 C Andrew Ruzicka Yes  
1237 B Wendy Ady Yes   6390 B Rushon Finlay Yes   3183 C Ethan Lebovics Yes   4583 C Beau J. Ryan Yes  
2883 C Nick Alioto Yes   15610 C Michael "Mike" Fischer Yes   1370 B Adam Leckey Yes   8323 C Charles Saastad Yes  
6044 C Steven Allford Yes   15611 C Gage M. Fisher Yes   7782 B Peter Ledman Yes   8325 C Ryan A. Sachs Yes  
6905 A Eric H. Allyn Yes   2409 C James M. Fisher Yes   7784 C Steven D. Lee Yes   21370 C Wendy J. Sachs Yes  
10149 C Heather J. Allyn Yes   15612 B John L. Fisher Yes   7070 C Gary C. Lehn Yes   1759 AA Eric J. Salo Yes  
6046 B Stephen R. Allyn Yes   2097 C Kimberley A. Fisher Yes   3238 A Andrew "Andy" Lehto Yes   9281 A Dennis Salwei Yes  
21182 C Ronald J. Alonzo Yes   15613 B Matt A. Fisher Yes   9922 C Sarah L. Leininger Yes   9767 C Adam K. Sames Yes  
9151 C Jason Alsaker Yes   6980 B Michael D. Fiskewold Yes   2522 C Chad Lennox Yes   8327 B Peter "Pete" Sampson Yes  
9857 C Juan A. Amador Yes   6981 B Brian M. Flattum Yes   2176 B Gregory A. Leritz Yes   222 B Thomas J. Sampson Yes  
5556 A Gordon J. Andersen Yes   6983 C Kelley D. Floyd Yes   7776 AA Donald P. LeRoux Yes   3949 B Kenneth Samudio Yes  
6712 C Daniel A. Anderson Yes   2093 C Kathy J. Foldesi Yes   7777 B Douglas T. LeRoux Yes   8330 A Mark Sandbo Yes  
326 AA David A. Anderson Yes   9717 C Joseph R. Fonken Yes   2587 Master Christie L. Lerum Yes   8331 C Jeffrey P. Sandeen Yes  
6057 B Dean E. Anderson Yes   2104 B Brandon J. Forar Yes   21314 A Timothy L. Leske Yes   3951 A Richard Sandin Yes  
6058 B Garry A. Anderson Yes   15614 C Anthony L. Forbes Yes   10177 B William R. Levercom Yes   8333 C Scott J. Sanford Yes  
15286 C John "John" Anderson Yes   6400 B Jay Forby Yes   139 B Thomas W. Leverenz Yes   21372 C William G. Sanford Yes  
1896 B Mike W. Anderson Yes   338 B Robin I. Forrest Yes   15646 C Marie D. Lewis Yes   2167 C Jeffery A. Sarenpa Yes  
9793 B Robert W. Anderson Yes   4558 C Dianna Foslien Yes   3899 A Thomas E. Lewis Yes   8335 B Steven D. Sarenpa Yes  
6065 C Thomas H. Anderson Jr Yes   111 C Gregory "Greg" Foss Yes   15647 C Jeffrey "Jeff" Leyden Yes   21373 C Greg Sathra Yes  
21186 AA Tim D. Anderson Yes   3684 B Josh M. Fox Yes   3442 B Dan Lieder Yes   859 B Jason E. Satter Yes  
6066 B Todd E. Anderson Yes   635 C Clayton J. Francis Yes   9231 B Michael D. Lindquist Yes   8338 C Richard Sauber Yes  
21187 A William L. Anderson Yes   4643 C Domonic J. Francis Yes   2065 A Bryce Lingenfelter Yes   2157 B John F. Sauro Yes  
9153 C Sarah M. Anderson-Dutton Yes   9193 B Travis J. Francis Yes   7802 B William Linquist Yes   4332 C Stephen M. Sauro Yes  
5944 B Mark Angerhofer Yes   3729 C Andrew E. Franklin Yes   15648 C George "George" Lishman Yes   3078 B Lew Schaar Yes  
6917 C Derek M. Angulski Yes   6408 B Timothy J. Franson Yes   7804 B Daniel R. Loe Yes   8343 A Wayne A. Schaar Yes  
2889 B Brian J. Arndt Yes   750 C Melanie Freeborn Yes   15649 C Rachel L. Lokken Yes   8344 B Jim Schaefer Yes  
12867 B Allan Arseneault Yes   6411 B Peter Freeland Yes   3901 A Frederic Longworth Yes   15683 C Susan "Sue" Schaefer Yes  
1921 A Matt S. Aschnewitz Yes   13271 C Eric Freitag Yes   21316 C James M. Lorentz Yes   813 B Kenneth J. Schaff Yes  
12868 B Lewis Asfeld Yes   6991 B Gregory L. Freyholtz Yes   1760 B Denni Luciano Yes   13070 B Michael Schaffer Yes  
5950 B Michael Ask Yes   6412 A Eric R. Frisch Yes   7813 B Daniel Lucking Yes   7525 C Vaughan R. Schaub Yes  
6920 C Daniel J. Aulwes Yes   3156 A Craig J. Frost Yes   7816 B Timothy Luhman Yes   8346 B James Scheibe Yes  
14993 C Joseph "Joe" Austin Jr Yes   3157 AA Jerred L. Funk Yes   7817 C Tyler Luhman Yes   8347 C Cecile M. Schell Yes  
5952 A John E. Badger Yes   9195 C Susie L. Gale Yes   9235 B David H. Lund Yes   8348 B James Schellberg Yes  
607 A Nathan J. Badger Yes   15578 A Jake Gallery Yes   7819 B Michael Lund Yes   3230 B Edward Schenck Yes  
2891 C Tracy J. Badger Yes   6421 B Craig A. Gebhardt Yes   21317 C Randy C. Lund Yes   13439 C Christa L. Scherff Yes  
15473 C David "Dave" Bahnemann Yes   6422 B Laine S. Gebhardt Yes   1827 B Phil Luttmers Yes   1920 B James "Jimmy" Schermer Yes  
1996 Master Jared M. Bailey Yes   12935 C Kevin M. Geis Yes   13006 B Paul Lyken Yes   3271 AA Robert Schiffino Yes  
5960 C Lori A. Bailey Yes   6424 B Phillip S. Geis Yes   4260 A Travis Macalus Yes   13071 C Steve Schiller Yes  
2241 B Mark L. Bailey Jr Yes   6425 C Jacob Geiselhart Yes   13223 A Ron MacDiarmid Yes   21375 C Anthony J. Schillinger Yes  
322 A Steven L. Baker Yes   10137 C Timothy Geisler Yes   10185 C Kip J. MacKenzie Yes   9768 B Dennis M. Schintgen Yes  
5964 C Joe Balentine Yes   9196 B Gene Gelhaye Yes   7827 C Robert J. Mackey Yes   6731 Master Jarred A. Schlauch Yes  
5965 C Timothy Balian Yes   21250 C James L. Gerhardt Yes   21319 C William R. Macy Yes   6732 A Jason A. Schlauch Yes  
3233 B Frank Baloun Yes   9886 C Steven G. Gerlach Yes   4606 A Richard M. Madsen Yes   3953 A Christopher J. Schmitt Yes  
5969 B Kory P. Balow Yes   15615 C Adam "Adam" Germain Yes   21320 B Steven J. Madson Yes   13073 C Andrew M. Schneider Yes  
21192 B Grant S. Barber Yes   21252 C Joseph M. Gieseking Yes   7829 C Daniel Magadanz Yes   8354 C Dana E. Schneider Yes  
11221 AA Jake Barfield Yes   12937 C Cynthia L. Gilbert Yes   21321 B Ken D. Mahoney Yes   8356 B Jeffrey Schoelch Yes  
12873 A Andrew P. Barnes Yes   6430 C Tracy J. Gilbert Yes   7834 C Chad E. Maki Yes   389 B Meachael Schoenrock Yes  
15580 C Nicholas "Nic" Barnett Yes   703 B Darin B. Gilles Yes   7835 B Wade Maki Yes   15684 C Maggie Schoffman Yes  
267 Master Ian Barratt Yes   4020 B Douglas "Doug" Gilles Yes   9924 C Jonathan S. Malack Yes   8357 B Thomas Schouviller Yes  
1985 B Scott J. Barrett Yes   15616 C Shane Gilley Yes   13008 C Owen Maloney Yes   8358 A Jay Schreck Yes  
5974 B Walter Barter Yes   6431 B Gerald B. Gilliam Yes   7839 B Willard L. Mann Yes   4439 B James W. Schreiber Yes  
8134 B Ralph Bartolotta Yes   6438 B Joseph M. Glass Yes   15650 C James "James" Manuel Yes   1881 B Dona Schroeder Yes  
2631 B Steven M. Bastyr Yes   22376 B Darrel R. Glover Yes   10823 B Tony Mao Yes   13075 C Sheldon G. Schroeder Yes  
1838 A Garrett A. Bauer Yes   12939 C Michael Goenner Yes   2778 B Dan P. March Yes   13076 C Jonathan P. Schrupp Yes  
330 A Gary A. Bauer Yes   6441 B Eric Goetzinger Yes   21323 C Benjamin J. Marken Yes   746 C Edward Schuda Yes  
9860 A Robert W. Bazinet Yes   21254 C Shain L. Golyer Yes   7844 B Monroe J. Marsh Yes   195 A Cory Schuh Yes  
2894 B Luke Beane Yes   12940 C Nathaniel Gooden Yes   15651 A Freddy "F." Martin Yes   15685 C Aaron R. Schulte Yes  
2467 B Neil Bechtold Yes   3867 B Richard Gorman Yes   7849 B John F. Martin Yes   1893 A Steve M. Schulte Yes  
15581 B Dustin "Dusty" Beckmann Yes   21256 C Jon Gottesleben Yes   10190 C Kevin Martin Yes   15686 C Brandon "Brandon" Schultz Yes  
8734 B Brian Beek Yes   21257 C Brenda M. Gottwalt Yes   7854 B Stephen Martinez Yes   8361 B Brady J. Schulz Yes  
15582 B Michael "Mike" Begovac Yes   9199 C Michael Goude Yes   15652 C Edward "Ed" Marz Sr Yes   8362 C Travis M. Schulz Yes  
2896 C Steven Behl Yes   15617 C David "David" Gough Yes   13014 C Chris Masanz Yes   15687 C Nathan "Nate" Schutz Yes  
12877 C Teresa Behrens Feldman Yes   10140 C Nickolas Goze Yes   7855 B James Mason Yes   7628 A Jake Schwan Yes  
6025 B Anthony C. Bell Yes   1490 B Kevin Graber Yes   10192 B Mark J. Mason Yes   5565 C Alicia M. Scott Yes  
21195 B Jeff A. Bellamy Yes   6449 C John Grannan Yes   3241 A Donald N. Matheson Yes   9961 B Jacob J. Seel Yes  
21196 C Aaron M. Bemboom Yes   12942 C Julie A. Granning Yes   7856 C Michael Matheson Yes   13079 C James Seidel Yes  
6029 C Wayne Benolkin Yes   15618 C Myron F. Gransee Yes   7075 C Brian F. Mathis Yes   311 AA Arthur "Bud" Seidl Yes  
6030 B Bennett A. Benson Yes   15619 C Luke J. Grausam Yes   13015 C Shawn Matson Yes   1446 A Darrin M. Seifert Yes  
6031 B Brian Bentzen Yes   1391 B Dustin Gravelle Yes   9925 B Everett A. Mattison Yes   3959 B Timothy Seifert Yes  
1880 AA Travis Benway Yes   21259 B Jerome A. Grebin Yes   9926 C Brad A. Mattson Yes   13294 B Jon Sellman Yes  
6032 C Richard C. Berens Yes   15620 C Charles "Chuck" Green Yes   3223 A Edward R. Mattson Yes   8374 C Michael Selvius Yes  
10101 C Jerry T. Berg Yes   21260 C Scott M. Greening Yes   22759 Master Robert "Rob" Mattson Yes   15688 C Jacob "Jake" Semler Yes  
1596 AA Matthew R. Berg Yes   2162 B Brian Gregerson Yes   7858 A Jeffrey Maxa Yes   8375 C Jason Semler Yes  
2898 B Kenneth E. Berger Jr Yes   3869 C Sean Griefenhagen Yes   10912 A Ed Mccann Yes   473 B Peter S. Semler Yes  
6036 B Allan T. Bergman Yes   7000 A Anthony O. Griffin Yes   7859 B Darren McCannon Yes   23052 C Santos Sepulveda Yes  
8449 C Jessica "Jesse" Bergman Tank Yes   6452 B Daniel M. Griffin Yes   5072 B Mike Mccarthy Yes   9962 B John A. Settlemire Yes  
6037 C Timothy Bergren Yes   6453 C JoAnn M. Griffin Yes   7861 B Eric W. McDaniel Yes   8378 B Jeffrey Sevitts Yes  
280 A Brian L. Berning Yes   6454 C Michael Grill Jr Yes   4608 C Antonio E. McDonal Yes   8379 B Jeff Shaefer Yes  
8136 B Timothy D. Berquam Yes   15621 C April D. Grisham Yes   1901 B Martin L. McDonal Yes   15689 C Jeffrey "Jeff" Shaw Yes  
6929 AA David M. Berry Yes   7002 B Harry J. Grogan Yes   9238 C Daniel K. McDonald Yes   7140 C Brian J. Sheehan Yes  
15583 C Lisa J. Bettcher Yes   9201 C Brian Grote Yes   15653 B Jesse M. McDonnell Yes   15690 C Zachary "Zack" Sheils Yes  
855 A Tim Bice Yes   6456 B Darin P. Guckeen Yes   7865 B Elias McGilp Yes   10460 Master Marcus Shelton Yes  
2900 A Peter A. Bidne Yes   6457 C Jacob Guckeen Yes   9743 B Brandon M. McGrath Yes   3084 A Jimmy Sherve Yes  
290 C George Bissonnette Yes   6458 C Timothy Gudim Yes   7866 C Gregory A. McGuiggan Yes   21381 B Michael A. Shore Yes  
3656 C Anthony S. Bixby Yes   6460 C Brian A. Gustafson Yes   624 B John McKusick Yes   8384 B Mitchell D. Shore Yes  
4010 B Steve C. Black Yes   5537 C Laurie J. Gustafson Yes   7869 B Ronald C. McManus Yes   9988 A Richard "Rich" Shutters Yes  
6071 C Winthrop B. Blackburn Yes   231 B Michael J. Gustafson Yes   1205 B Gordy W. McNamara Yes   4737 A Warren C. Sieben Yes  
6072 C Briana Blackhawk Yes   21263 C James F. Gutzman Yes   1206 C Sharon A. McNamara Yes   15691 C Christopher J. Siebenaler Yes  
6073 B Bryan J. Blackhawk Yes   3159 A Scott A. Haag Yes   4611 C Andrea J. McNiff Yes   7142 B David L. Sievek Yes  
6074 C LouAnn M. Blackhawk Yes   15169 C Michael "Mike" Haapoja Jr Yes   3906 B Todd D. McNiff Yes   21383 C Vicki J. Simonett Yes  
6075 C David Blaisdell Yes   6466 B Kla Haeck Yes   7871 C Ted McWilliams Yes   4274 C Dave Siusta Yes  
15584 C Austin D. Blanchard Yes   6469 C Jon Hakel Yes   7875 B Ronald Meinhardt Yes   8390 B John Skaja Yes  
6077 B Donald Blanchette Yes   6470 B Dereck A. Hall Yes   7876 C Andrew Melcher Yes   21384 B John D. Skalsky Yes  
11319 A John Blanco Yes   7003 B Henry S. Hall Yes   1338 B Gary Merges Yes   10246 C Warren Skeesick Yes  
10828 AA Jason A. Blanski Yes   6472 B Jeffrey A. Hall Yes   1297 A Chris C. Messer Yes   3960 A Neil Skiba Yes  
177 B Kerry L. Blanski Yes   21266 C Scott G. Hall Yes   9240 C Benjamin Metz Yes   10247 C Craig Skog Yes  
9862 C Michael V. Blanton Yes   11818 C Nathanael Hallberg Yes   7878 A Kenneth T. Meuleners Yes   15692 C Gregory "Greg" Skogen Yes  
4584 B Adam Blattner Yes   21269 C Lance J. Hamby Yes   21325 C Randall S. Meulners Yes   8391 C Kirk "Kirk" Skogen Yes  
1073 AA Rich "Ricochet" Blauer Yes   9204 C Alan Hamel Yes   15654 C Joseph "Joe" Meyer Yes   9967 C Sally Skuza Yes  
9162 B Ryan Blilie Yes   21270 C Michael C. Handlos Yes   2025 B Kenneth "Ken" Meyer Yes   15693 C Bradley "Brad" Slawson Yes  
15585 C Daniel "Dan" Blomquist Yes   3872 A Jon Hanek Yes   1413 C Marianne Meyer Yes   4817 B Bracken "I.B. Racken" Smith Yes  
15586 C Michael "Mikey" Blomquist Yes   9889 C Sean F. Hanley Yes   7084 C Ryan S. Meyer Yes   21386 A Daniel Smith Yes  
15285 C Scott Boche Yes   6482 B James Hannah Yes   7883 C Kelly A. Meyman Yes   3727 B Gary "no worry" Smith Yes  
4344 B Douglas W. Bohn Yes   21271 C Derek Hanover Yes   7886 B Terry Michnowski Yes   7461 C Mindy Smith Yes  
6087 B Nathan Boike Yes   3873 B Jeremy Hansen Yes   12515 C Corey Mickle Yes   15694 C Robert "Bob" Smith Yes  
6088 C Jonathan Boisvert Yes   9205 C Joseph A. Hansen Yes   335 C Harry S. Miller Yes   15695 C Taylor "Taylor" Smith Yes  
6932 C Jerry P. Bolash Yes   4337 B Vince E. Hansen Yes   7888 C Justin A. Miller Yes   8400 B Daniel Smothers Yes  
3113 AA Karl Bongers Yes   7531 B William F. Hansen Yes   5426 B Marvin "Spaz" Miller Yes   1455 AA Kurtis J. Sneide Yes  
6092 B Dennis J. Booth Yes   520 B Cheryl J. Hanson Yes   13024 C Stephen Miller Yes   4275 C Jasper "Jasper" Snow Yes  
6093 C Sally A. Booth Yes   7005 C Christopher H. Hanson Yes   8731 Master Trent C. Miller Yes   2074 A Jim Snow Yes  
6095 A Douglas R. Borgeson Yes   7006 B Gary M. Hanson Yes   294 A Wayne R. Miller Yes   21388 B Andrew R. Snyder Yes  
6097 B Michael Borman Yes   1872 A Shane L. Hanson Yes   9244 B Adam J. Millerbernd Yes   2528 B Ronald F. Snyder Yes  
6101 B Michael J. Bosquez Yes   3703 AA Keith Hanssen Yes   7892 C Kevin Mills Yes   9053 C Michael F. Sobczyk Yes  
4615 B Nathan M. Bosquez Yes   6486 B Brett H. Harder Yes   7893 C Barbara Mimbach Yes   7151 C Josh G. Solsvig Yes  
2628 B Rikki Bowen Yes   15623 C Michael "Mike" Harrington Yes   13025 C Stephen Minar Yes   489 A Rick Sommer Yes  
6935 C Dominic M. Bowers Yes   7007 C Colby E. Harris Yes   22804 C Guy Minnich Yes   8407 A Todd M. Souba Yes  
2103 B Brian L. Boyd Yes   15624 B Robert "Bob" Hart Yes   7894 B Joseph Misencik Yes   3265 AA Jason J. Soupir Yes  
7387 C Randall W. Boyd Yes   6493 C Gary S. Hartel Yes   7895 B Richard Misuraco Yes   3972 C Kimberly A. Soupir Yes  
6105 C Patrick Boyle Yes   6494 C Larry G. Hartel Yes   7897 C Brian "BrianMoeMoney" Moe Yes   15284 C Mike Spangler Yes  
6106 B Daniel Bradway Yes   15625 C Kevin L. Hartman Yes   7088 A Michael J. Moen Yes   4508 A Steven Springman Yes  
15587 C Kevin L. Brahs Yes   2920 B Kurt D. Hartmann Yes   3064 B Brian E. Moffitt Yes   608 B Steven L. St. Germain Yes  
9863 B Paul E. Brandanger Yes   6495 C Steven J. Hartmann Yes   531 A Aaron Moline Yes   7152 B William A. St. Germaine Yes  
6111 B Brian Breitbarth Yes   15626 C Mark D. Harvey Yes   7900 A Joey Moliter Yes   8414 C Steven St. Hilaire Yes  
3115 B Robert Brenner Yes   21275 B Clarence J. Hasbrook Yes   21330 C Marie E. Molva-Johnson Yes   1947 B Jason K. Standley Yes  
12885 C Jerome Bridger Yes   9893 C Larry E. Hastings Yes   22814 C Marc Montain Yes   15696 B Chris A. Stauffer Yes  
6120 A Chris A. Britton Yes   15627 C Dalton J. Hauer Yes   12567 B Archie Montpetit Yes   3268 B Gus Steenson Yes  
15588 C Joseph "Joe" Brock Yes   328 AA Duane G. Hauer Yes   21331 B Fred O. Moody Yes   8419 B Bryan A. Steeves Yes  
2183 B Joni Brockway Yes   857 A Bruce Haugo Yes   15655 C Seth A. Mooney Yes   651 B Jack "Jack" Steeves Yes  
6124 A Steven Bros Yes   3234 B Stephanie G. Hawks Yes   137 A Carl A. Moore Yes   1729 C Matthew R. Steffens Yes  
21201 C Billy C. Brown Yes   7010 B Travis L. Hawley Yes   3910 B Michael Morelan Yes   1639 Master TJ Steinhaus Yes  
21202 B Jeffrey J. Brown Yes   6745 C Eddie Hayford Yes   7907 A Phillip Morin Yes   21120 B Bob Steinmetz Yes  
3117 B Loren A. Brown Yes   21276 C Gary A. Hedenland Yes   9938 B Raymond L. Morris Yes   2130 A Brian Stember Yes  
6126 C Martin R. Brown Yes   7011 C Daniel E. Hedges Yes   3738 B Chad A. Mortenson Yes   3962 B Brody M. Stenberg Yes  
6127 B Terrence Brown Yes   22463 A Johnathan C. Heidleberger Yes   9939 C Ian A. Mortenson Yes   320 A Scott Stenger Yes  
12890 C James Brudvig Yes   7546 AA Dale Heille Yes   7912 B Samuel J. Mosher Yes   5519 B Damon Sterzinger Yes  
10107 C Russell Brunette Yes   2402 B Josh Hein Yes   529 B Jon Mostrom Yes   11061 C Corey Stevenson Yes  
632 A Stuart W. Bryan Yes   7547 B Steven R. Heine Yes   21333 C Donald F. Mullan Yes   8423 C Timothy Stienkeoway Yes  
6131 B Jesse Buck Yes   9209 B Jason A. Heitz Yes   7917 C Randall J. Myers Yes   21397 AA Ray W. Stoner Yes  
21204 A Cole T. Buckley Yes   15628 C Mike J. Helfenstein Yes   10205 B Joshua Myrum Yes   9293 B Adam Stowell Yes  
21205 C Joel Budd Yes   1926 B Sean T. Hendrickson Yes   21334 C James D. Nadeau Yes   9974 B Michael D. Strachota Yes  
21206 B Charles D. Buenger Yes   4658 AA Chris Hennen Yes   10206 C Kevin P. Nash Yes   8431 B Gregg Strandmark Yes  
21208 C Christopher J. Bulena Yes   7551 C Frank T. Hennessey Yes   1474 A Scott Nathe Yes   3964 C Ken StrassBurger Yes  
15589 C Bailey "Bailey" Bunnelle Yes   7552 C James A. Hennessey Yes   15656 B Tyler Nawrocki Yes   302 C Todd Strecker Yes  
6133 C Sarah Bunnelle Yes   2537 A Terry W. Henrich Yes   1552 B David A. Neisen Yes   8434 C Ronald Strunk Yes  
6135 B Terry Burdick Yes   2712 C Patti Henry Yes   2513 A Jonathan J. Neisen Yes   3164 C Andrew G. Sturges Yes  
6137 B Joseph Burgoyne Yes   15629 C Daniel "Dan" Hershey Yes   2177 B Michael J. Neisen Yes   13090 B Joseph Sularz Yes  
6160 C Christopher M. Burns Yes   7557 AA Bradley J. Hicks Yes   15657 C Brandon "Brandon" Nelson Yes   15697 C Becca M. Sumingvit Yes  
15590 C William H. Burrington Yes   3539 B Mike R. Higgins Yes   21336 A Carl A. Nelson Yes   21123 C Kris "Kris" Sunderlin Yes  
6163 B David J. Busch Yes   582 A David D. Hilde Yes   15658 C Douglas "Doug" Nelson Yes   1891 A Darrin R. Swanson Yes  
11410 B Randy B. Bustad Yes   3798 C Dan Hillebrand Yes   21337 C Eric A. Nelson Yes   15698 B David C. Swanson Yes  
3120 AA Duane M. Butler Yes   7561 C Margaret Hillmer Yes   10797 C Erik Nelson Yes   8443 B Roger Sweet Yes  
6167 B William Buttedal Yes   3876 B Brett Himes Yes   7925 B Gregory B. Nelson Yes   13091 B James A. Swenson Yes  
10109 C Dennis Buzick Yes   2238 A Steve Hinnenkamp Yes   7099 C James L. Nelson Yes   297 B Ken W. Sylvester Yes  
13878 B Jeff Byron Yes   9211 C Peter Hitchcock Yes   7626 A James M. Nelson Yes   197 B Josh Szczech Yes  
15591 B Todd Cameron Yes   7564 C Dennis J. Hite Yes   7931 B Jamie D. Nelson Yes   15699 C Alexander "Alex" Szyperski Yes  
6169 B Joseph M. Camp Yes   11975 B Anthony J. Hively Yes   6505 C Kenneth J. Nelson Yes   8447 B Jacob P. Szyperski Yes  
6170 C Aaron S. Campa Yes   2945 B Christopher M. Hively Yes   15659 C Marcella "Marcie" Nelson Yes   4110 C Paul M. Szyperski Yes  
6171 C Christopher J. Campa Yes   6499 B Daniel Hnath Yes   7101 C Michael D. Nelson Yes   15700 C James "Jimmy" Talbot Yes  
6172 B David J. Campa Yes   3877 A Lawrence O. Hobbs Yes   834 C Rick "Rico" Nelson Yes   9796 A James J. Tauer Yes  
6173 C Jeffrey L. Campa Yes   21279 C Janet A. Hochule Yes   15660 C Ryan T. Nelson Yes   4278 A Alex R. Taylor Yes  
1554 A James C. Campbell Yes   1989 A Jim Hoeft Yes   7935 C Daniel Nesenson Yes   3714 B Brian E. Taylor Yes  
4045 C Vance B. Campbell Yes   3513 AA Douglas W. Hoernemann Yes   21338 C Heather M. Ness Yes   3715 B Christopher L. Taylor Yes  
6175 B Mark Campeau Yes   6500 B Michael R. Hoeschen Yes   7102 B Randall L. Ness Yes   5420 C Christopher R. Taylor Yes  
6182 B Andrew S. Carlson Yes   1484 A Brandon G. Hoff Yes   3200 B Shawn E. Ness Yes   15701 AA William "Larry" Taylor Yes  
6183 C Blake Carlson Yes   7975 C Jennifer "Jenn" Hoff Yes   2740 B Rob Newport Yes   4438 C Jesse D. Telschow Yes  
6941 B Chad E. Carlson Yes   15630 C Ian Hollifield Yes   7937 C Adam G. Newton Yes   4444 B Matthew P. Telschow Yes  
2002 A Douglas E. Carlson Yes   1483 B Dale C. Holmes Yes   3912 A Aaron D. Nickell Yes   1445 A Daniel N. Temple Yes  
886 B James A. Carlson Yes   9212 A Eric V. Holmquist Yes   6786 C Brent E. Nieman Yes   1571 B Eric A. Tenquist Yes  
21209 C James S. Carlson Yes   23553 A Melissa Holst Yes   15661 C Matthew "Matt" Nightengale Yes   10711 C Daniel A. Tesch Yes  
6184 C Jeffrey D. Carlson Yes   7023 B Jeff G. Holstein Yes   133 B Joe Nilan Yes   10716 C Jerry M. Tesch Yes  
9169 C Jon L. Carlson Yes   15631 C Kevin "K." Hope Yes   11844 C Robert W. Noonan Yes   15702 C Kayla J. Tesch Yes  
12893 C Matthew S. Carlson Yes   3013 B Christopher D. Hough Yes   13039 C Jenny L. Norberg Yes   10710 C Kyle D. Tesch Yes  
6188 B Terrence D. Carlson Yes   333 C Cecelia J. Howe Yes   4166 B John A. Norberg Yes   4279 B Roger Tester Yes  
21213 C Frank P. Carpenter Jr Yes   15632 C Maren "Merlin" Hoye Yes   8162 C Michele L. Norman Yes   14050 A Deron A. Tharp Yes  
9170 C Robert "Rob" Cartwright Yes   22520 B Tony Hudson Yes   8163 B William H. Norman Yes   8458 B Todd K. Thate Yes  
7381 A Shelly Case Yes   15633 C Daniel "Daniel" Huebl Yes   8168 C Anicia Nunez Yes   4513 A Mike L. Thelen Yes  
6199 B Theodore Catlin Jr Yes   3878 A Benjamin S. Huesman Yes   2407 C Julie "Jules" Obedoza Yes   2911 B Joseph L. Thompson Yes  
6200 A Christopher Celestino Yes   7024 C William F. Huiras Yes   10214 C Bryan Obert Yes   15703 C Michael "Mike" Thompson Yes  
21216 C Michael D. Centofanti Yes   2599 C Emily W. Hurlbert Yes   518 A Patrick J. O'Connor Yes   5564 C Natalie "Nat" Thompson Yes  
15592 B Veasna "Ves" Chann Yes   533 AA Kregg D. Hurlbert Yes   3916 A David E. O'Day Yes   6022 B Will Thomsen Yes  
6206 C Daniel Charron Yes   7582 B Jason M. Hurst Yes   22844 B Dan O'donnell Yes   21407 C Marcus Thorpe Yes  
5445 C David "Dave" Chelminiack Yes   7583 B Eric Hustad Yes   15216 A Levi "Left Eye" Oen Yes   1627 C Matthew T. Thurmes Yes  
15165 B Michael "Mike" Cheney Yes   3237 B Jon A. Hutton Yes   15662 B John M. O'Hara Yes   8464 B Dean Tiffany Yes  
6208 C Lori Chiovitte Yes   7588 C Gary "Gary" Ingram Yes   15663 C Joshua "Josh" Oie Yes   7169 C Michelle A. Tobey Yes  
1113 B Bryan Christensen Yes   4657 C Mike Irlbeck Yes   8170 C Angela M. O'Keeffe Yes   8466 C Mary P. Tobias Yes  
8141 B Shaun R. Christensen Yes   7589 C James Irrthum Yes   7852 A David P. O'Keeffe Yes   3978 B Ronald D. Tobias Yes  
15593 C Mark J. Christian Yes   2267 B Josh Iskierka Yes   15664 B Kendra E. Olander Yes   10259 B Randy L. Toft Yes  
10115 B Travis Christle Yes   10158 B Jason Ives Yes   3917 B Donald M. Oliver Yes   2412 Master Scott A. Tollefson Yes  
21219 B Michael L. Chubb Yes   4169 C Mike Jacka Yes   4617 B David J. Olson Yes   8467 B Chad Toomey Yes  
21220 B Christopher J. Cincotta Yes   9897 C Justin M. Jackson Yes   8181 B David Olson Yes   8468 C Thomas N. Torkelson Yes  
6211 B Gregory S. Clark Yes   12967 C Scott Jackson Yes   15665 C Edward "Ed" Olson Yes   8469 B Steven Torrey Yes  
15594 C James "James" Clark Jr Yes   7029 B Joseph M. Jacobs Yes   13043 B Kelly E. Olson Yes   13103 C Gilbert Torrez Yes  
21222 C Anna S. Clarke Yes   7599 B David Jaeger Yes   21341 B Kyle A. Olson Yes   8470 C Michael Towey Yes  
6212 C Joan M. Clarke Yes   3242 B Bryan Jamison Yes   8183 C Mark D. Olson Yes   8471 B James R. Tracy Yes  
9871 C Shawn T. Clarke Yes   4599 B Jerald "Jp" Janson Yes   4618 B Michael R. Olson Yes   8472 C Jeffrey L. Tracy Yes  
3124 A Thomas "Tom" Clarke Yes   7030 B Jonathan D. Jarmuzek Yes   8184 B Michael Olson Yes   4145 B Khanh H. Tran Yes  
2201 A James J. Clausen Yes   21284 C Alvin J. Jarvis Yes   8186 C Robin H. Olson Yes   4005 AA Howard Treff Yes  
4046 B Joseph P. Clausen Yes   9898 C Michael R. Jechorek Yes   21342 B Roderick J. Olson Yes   15704 C Adam "Adam" Trisko Yes  
6946 C Laura B. Claypole Yes   12970 C Steve Jennen Yes   8188 C Teri Olson Yes   2001 A Ron Trost Yes  
10307 C Timothy W. Cloud Yes   12971 C Diane M. Jensen Yes   21343 C Trevor Q. Olson Yes   8475 B Ryan M. Trost Yes  
15595 C Brittany L. Coffer Yes   12972 A Glen "Glen" Jensen Yes   7107 C Nathan A. Ondricek Yes   8476 B Travis M. Trost Yes  
274 AA James R. Coffey Yes   1115 B Larry R. Jensen Yes   8172 B Steven L. O'Neal Yes   1829 C Laura Trovecke Yes  
21223 C Julie A. Coffey Yes   15634 AA Van O. Jensen III Yes   10215 C Scott Onken Yes   117 A Dennis Truong Yes  
6947 C Craig A. Cohen Yes   7607 C Barbara Jerde Yes   3920 C Arlan N. Opstedal Yes   7172 C Thomehruan Truong Yes  
2671 B Diana L. cole Yes   282 AA Craig Jesinoski Yes   21339 C Joni M. OSell Yes   13106 C Thomas Tufano Yes  
868 A Shawn C. Cole Yes   21285 C Brock E. Jewett Yes   588 A Glenn E. Oslowski Yes   8481 B Thomas Tulupan Yes  
3129 A Jonathon Condra Yes   7608 B John Jeziorski Yes   3163 B Michael T. Oslund Yes   8483 C Christine Turnbull Yes  
20457 B Matt Conner Yes   149 B Brandon G. Johnson Yes   10217 C Jennifer Ott Yes   8484 C Bryan Turtle Yes  
4171 B Mike Connolly Yes   4982 A Bruce E. Johnson Yes   15666 C Melissa "Mel" Oys Yes   15705 C Scott E. Tuthill Yes  
9180 B Matthew Connors Yes   7035 C Bryan L. Johnson Yes   3244 B Jim Paar JR Yes   13107 C James Tweedy Yes  
12899 C Shad M. Cook Yes   4520 C Cory L. Johnson Yes   8194 C Wayne Pacyga Yes   4039 C Jacob Tykwinski Yes  
6251 B Peter Coons Yes   7036 C Daniel R. Johnson Yes   21346 B Gregory J. Page Yes   581 B Clement R. Tyson Jr Yes  
6252 C Douglas O. Copeland Yes   9900 C David A. Johnson Yes   6739 B Anthony J. Pagel Yes   8486 A Timothy Unterberger Yes  
15596 C Raymond Copeland Yes   7642 B Dennis A. Johnson Yes   3243 B Jerald L. Palmer Yes   15706 C Shawn M. Urang Yes  
6951 C Paul M. Corcoran Yes   9218 B Elbert Johnson Sr Yes   8197 C Kimberly D. Palmer Yes   2914 A Rodney E. Urbanski Yes  
6253 A Brian R. Corgard Yes   6652 C Glenn S. Johnson Yes   10219 B Richard F. Palmer Yes   7173 B Michael V. Urgo Yes  
12900 C Wade Corgard Yes   317 B James M. Johnson Yes   15667 C Ravi S. Panjini Yes   2181 A Michael S. Van Grinsven Yes  
15597 B Troy R. Cornick Yes   148 AA Jay C. Johnson Yes   8198 C Robert Pankonien Yes   13284 B Will Van Heel Yes  
3130 B Anthony T. Costanzo Jr Yes   975 A Jeffrey "Jeff" Johnson Yes   9261 B Luke Papillon Yes   1354 B Rob T. Vance Yes  
15598 B Robert "Bob" Cox Yes   5851 A Jeffrey A. Johnson Yes   481 Master Mario Parayno Yes   8492 C Patrick Vanderbilt Yes  
3132 B Richard Crofford Yes   7646 B Jerald O. Johnson Yes   21347 C Darryl W. Parham Yes   13109 C Angela VanHeel Yes  
15599 C Scott J. Cronen Yes   21290 B Jeremiah J. Johnson Yes   15167 C Joe Parisi Yes   4626 C Timothy G. VanHeel Yes  
20273 C Jacob M. Crosser Yes   7648 C Joshua "Josh" Johnson Yes   10221 B Stefan Parnell Yes   9982 C Brent H. VanTassel Yes  
21226 B John S. Crouch Yes   1755 A Loren A. Johnson Yes   15668 C John R. Patchin Yes   8494 B Shane Varhol Yes  
6952 A Ryan J. Cullen Yes   7651 C Mark D. Johnson Yes   21348 C Angela M. Patterson Yes   15707 C Matthew "Matt" Varner Yes  
12903 B John Cummins Yes   2221 A Michael J. Johnson Yes   8201 B William H. Patterson Yes   3966 A Genaro M. Vasquez Jr Yes  
6269 C Timothy Curl Yes   15635 C Nathan Johnson Yes   811 C Roy R. Patton Yes   1637 B Daniel l. Vaudrin Yes  
2503 A Larry A. Dahl Yes   15636 C Nicholas "Nick" Johnson Yes   8202 B Michael B. Paulson Yes   2926 B Christopher "Chris" Vee Yes  
22228 AA Chris Dallmann Yes   3882 B Phillip E. Johnson Yes   15669 B Andrew "Drew" Pawlitschek Yes   5812 C Scott E. Vee Yes  
6277 AA AnhMinh Dam Yes   15637 C Scott "Scott" Johnson Yes   15670 C John D. Pedersen Yes   2618 C John R. Velasquez Yes  
6278 B Jeremy Daml Yes   293 A Steven M. Johnson Yes   8207 B Ryan O. Pedersen Yes   8497 B Pieter Venter Yes  
3133 A Eric Danielson Yes   7656 B Steven J. Johnson Yes   15671 C Curt "Curt" Pederson Yes   10264 C John Venzke Yes  
10119 C Donald Danner Yes   9903 B Steven R. Johnson Yes   5345 C Kevin Peek Yes   3540 B Mick L. Verdeck Yes  
3689 B Jason Davenport Yes   12976 B Steven G. Johnson Yes   3924 C Joseph Peine Yes   21412 C Curtis J. Vernig Yes  
3134 B Jeffrey H. Davis Yes   2871 C Timothy S. Johnson Yes   2262 A Gregory C. Pelkey Yes   11073 A Sivan Vilakone Yes  
21229 B Michael T. Davis Yes   15638 B Toni L. Johnson Yes   704 B William A. Pelkey II Yes   3967 B Thomas Voelker Yes  
6286 B Brian D. Day Yes   7044 C Daniel L. Johnston Yes   9944 C Carol A. Perkins Yes   10267 B Kaleb Vold Yes  
6287 B Enrique Dayrit Yes   7045 C James A. Johnston Yes   8214 B Kristopher K. Perkins Yes   7179 C Aaron M. Vollmers Yes  
21231 C Steve D. Deal Yes   22570 B Marv Jonas Yes   4269 A Nathaniel J. Perkins Yes   1266 Master Brad M. Vollmers Yes  
6296 C Douglas R. Deans Yes   9904 B Cory L. Jones Yes   20904 A Nicholas R. Perron Yes   5829 C Jodi M. Vollmers Yes  
6300 C Victoria Deeds Yes   7660 C Raymond W. Jones Jr Yes   8215 B Curtis D. Perry Yes   13113 B Cathleen Von Lehe Yes  
2147 AA Randy L. DeGarmo Yes   7661 B Steven B. Jones Yes   15672 C Derek K. Person Yes   4523 B Shawn Vonasek Yes  
6958 C Brent A. Dehaan Yes   9905 A Duane C. Jordan Yes   8220 B William J. Peters Yes   3274 B Richard D. Voss Yes  
11117 C Richard W. Dehaan Jr Yes   21293 B Timothy J. Jordan Sr Yes   15673 C Franklin S. Petersen Yes   8507 C Craig "Lenni" Wahlberg Yes  
6302 B Nathan Dehmer Yes   10161 B Anders Jorgenson Yes   4037 A Mark Petersen Yes   7180 C Karlene K. Wald Yes  
3221 C Dave Dehn Yes   3246 B James D. Josephson Yes   12742 C Andrew "Andy" Peterson Yes   3968 AA Gary D. Walker Yes  
3135 C Anthony L. DeJoy Yes   7663 B Dale R. Joy Yes   22891 B Brian G. Peterson Yes   8512 C Lynnette Walker Yes  
2100 B Jason A. DeJoy Yes   7666 C David Julkowski Yes   11143 C Galen "Pete" Peterson Yes   7182 C Rolando C. Walker Yes  
21230 C Mason M. DeJoy Yes   8150 C David Jurek Yes   3925 A Jesse A. Peterson Yes   8513 C Timothy Walker Yes  
21235 C Leonel Del Rio Cobos Yes   12813 B Dave Kammerer Yes   7113 C Joseph M. Peterson Yes   8514 A Benjamin Wallen Yes  
6288 B Scott L. DeLong Yes   15639 C Jennifer "Jennie" Kamprud Yes   4333 B Justin D. Peterson Yes   3969 B Kevin M. Walsh Yes  
6957 C Stacy A. DeMarais Yes   7049 B Joanne E. Kamprud Yes   13054 C Robert D. Peterson Yes   15708 C Mark F. Walz Yes  
2149 A Chaun P. DeMars Yes   12978 C Bonnie J. Kane Yes   21352 AA Robert M. Peterson Yes   15709 C Ryan "Ryan" Ward Yes  
8744 B Ronald E. Demers Yes   7050 C Mark E. Kane Yes   9266 C William Peterson Yes   13119 C Steven Warnes Yes  
767 C Kevin Denekamp Yes   7681 C Nathaniel Kautz Yes   3474 B Joe Petrik Yes   21415 C Frank J. Waryan Yes  
3136 A Scott "Scott" Dennis Yes   145 Master Daniel S. Kee Yes   3927 B Earl Pettiford Yes   8517 B Scott Waste Yes  
9183 B Andrew Dent Yes   7684 C Patrick "Maverick" Kendall Yes   8232 C Kirk "Kirk" Pettis Yes   7187 B Derrick C. Watson Yes  
2021 A Mike DesMarais Yes   7688 B Jesse A. Kern Yes   21353 B David J. Pettyjohn Yes   7188 Master Mark A. Weaver Yes  
8020 A David J. Desormey Yes   7689 B Todd E. Kern Yes   21354 C Michael D. Pflepsen-Wagner Yes   8518 B Mitchell Weaver Yes  
1385 C Cindy Deveaux-Healey Yes   7698 B Elwood Kiefat Yes   14855 C Dennis "Denny" Philippi Yes   10268 A Darin F. Weber Yes  
548 C Katie DeVries Yes   15873 B Anthony R. King Yes   21355 C Nicolas J. Phillips Yes   2535 B Steven J. Weber Yes  
21237 C Kevin DiCastri Yes   1208 B Daniel M. King Yes   9268 C William Pickeren Yes   15710 C Parris O. Wedel Yes  
2217 B Chad "Chad" Dick Yes   21297 A Grant O. King Yes   8236 C Drew Pierce Yes   21417 C Martin L. Weeks Sr Yes  
6960 C Donald C. Dickinson Yes   1207 C Robert J. King Yes   3929 B Richard Pitschka Yes   8519 B Mark Wegmiller Yes  
6312 C Colleen J. Dircks Yes   7696 C Stephen M. King Yes   3930 AA Andrew Platto Yes   10269 C Larry Weilage Yes  
6313 B Terry G. Dircks Yes   15640 C Kasondra "Kasondra" Kingery Yes   4550 A Joe Plocher Yes   8520 B Chad Weiland Yes  
9877 A Jacob L. Dobbe Yes   7055 C David Kirschenmann Yes   1798 B Chrissy Pluta Yes   3269 B Gregory "The Machine" Weir Yes  
22254 B Jeanna Doble Yes   22616 C Emily Kissling Yes   15178 B Ivan J. Poplin Yes   8522 B Thomas H. Weiss Yes  
3137 AA Brian P. Dodge Yes   12194 C Patti Kivela Yes   7983 B Eric E. Porter Yes   3739 B Jeremy R. Weisz Yes  
23331 B Barry Doering Yes   405 B Thomas Kjos Yes   9761 C Dustan S. Posch Yes   8523 C Joan M. Weisz Yes  
15600 C Kent "Kent" Doffing Yes   15345 C Jesse A. Klempke Yes   8244 B Bradley Pounds Yes   9802 C Chris A. Welker Yes  
6319 C Elizabeth Dolney Yes   9906 B Joshua R. Kling Yes   10227 C Jeffrey Pratsch Yes   4329 C Leslie "Legs" Welker Yes  
15601 B Damon "Damon" Dolton Yes   21299 C Benjamin H. Klinger Yes   8247 C Stanley Pride Yes   13121 C Sharky Welker Yes  
6321 B Robert J. Domeier Yes   1462 A Ryan L. Klinger Yes   3932 B Dave Pries Yes   4282 A Ryan Wellenstein Yes  
6322 B Eric Domino Yes   21300 C Samuel R. Klinger Yes   8250 C Wayne Prokosch Yes   1892 B Todd Weller Yes  
2936 B Karen E. Dong Yes   12983 B Daniel Kmetz Yes   21360 C William J. Prosen Yes   2076 A Robin "Robin" Wellman Yes  
6326 B Daniel L. Dorfner Yes   12985 A Patrick J. Knight Yes   8252 B Rodney Putnam Yes   4283 AA Scott C. Welsh Yes  
6327 B Jesse D. Dorfner Yes   15641 C Nicole E. Knight Schrupp Yes   2324 B Jacob B. Pyles Yes   287 AA Ryan A. Wenger Yes  
3139 B Jason Dornbusch Yes   7706 B David Knips Yes   8253 B Paris J. Pyles Yes   8524 A Ryan W. Werman Yes  
3140 A Dean Dosse Yes   3384 B Wayne Knobbe Yes   21362 C Sienna R. Pyles Yes   1564 C James N. Werner Yes  
10123 B Brian Downie Yes   15642 C Brandon Knoll Yes   2617 C Kristina R. Quello Yes   5663 C Paul R. Werner Yes  
9186 C Scott Downing Yes   7710 C Michael T. Koch Yes   3976 B Michael T. Quinn Yes   21421 B Richard D. Weyrauch Yes  
6332 B Christopher "Chris" Dresen Yes   877 A Joseph "Joe" Koecheler Yes   8254 C Steven Quiram Yes   15711 C Andrew "Andy" White Yes  
6333 C Sara Dressel Yes   878 C Kimberly "Kim" Koecheler Yes   8255 C Randy T. Raboin Yes   8532 C Christin M. White Yes  
3141 B Barbara "Barb" Drew Yes   20089 B Kristin Koehn Yes   8256 B Terry A. Raboin Yes   3160 C Mike White Yes  
3144 B Mike Drometer Yes   9055 B Nick Koreen Yes   10230 C Michael Radford Yes   3232 C Jimmy Whited Yes  
6965 B Gregory M. Drozdek Yes   9222 C David Korkowski Yes   8258 C Tom A. Rains Yes   3167 A Donn Whittaker Yes  
2987 C Ron Dufresne Yes   7719 C Bryan J. Kornberg Yes   8262 A Gary R. Ramstad Yes   9305 B Chad Wichmann Yes  
10125 B Dave Dugal Yes   3240 B Christopher J. Kornberg Yes   8263 C Ruth P. Ramstad Yes   8535 B David Wickstrom Yes  
6336 B Dennis R. DuMoulin Yes   15643 C Lance S. Kowski Yes   21363 C Dan J. Raschick Yes   8536 B Timothy Widhalm Yes  
3146 B Kevin R. Dunning Yes   9909 C Jason G. Kozlovski Yes   8271 C Mary A. Rauenhorst Yes   1477 Master David Wiebelhaus Yes  
21240 C Mason A. Dunning Yes   21304 C Cameron M. Kracke Yes   2459 B Thomas J. Rauenhorst Yes   8537 B Gregory Wiley Yes  
3147 B Tyler F. Dunning Yes   15644 C Brooke A. Kraft Yes   8272 B Christian R. Ray Yes   5030 B Rj Wiley Yes  
6341 B Rodney J. Dupree Yes   6737 C Braden Krantz Yes   8275 B Brian Reddy Yes   8539 C Charlene D. Williams Yes  
667 B Timothy R. Durand Yes   880 B Deanna L. Krick Yes   15674 C Blake J. Reed Yes   8540 B Chase "Chase" Williams Yes  
21241 C Mary E. Durkop Yes   21305 C Jared C. Krick Yes   2095 B Kathy Reibel Yes   8541 C Daniel Williams Yes  
6343 C David Dusoski Yes   625 C Jason L. Krick Yes   1756 A Allen Reich Yes   7195 C Herman L. Williams Yes  
260 A Chad A. Duval Yes   7729 C Samuel J. Krieger Yes   3090 C Kimberly "Kim" Reid Yes   21425 Master Robert W. Williams Yes  
9713 C Harley J. Duval Yes   15645 C Nicholas "Nick" Krier Yes   4437 C Anna M. Reiter Yes   8544 B Wilfred T. Williams Yes  
12911 C Donald Dyvig Yes   7206 A Robert J. Krouze Yes   3937 B Paul G. Renner Yes   8548 B Ryan D. Wilson Yes  
6350 C Timothy Earnest Yes   7733 B Craig H. Krueger Yes   15675 C Carlamae "Carlamae" Resch Yes   15712 C Jonathan "Jon" Windholz Yes  
4248 A Benjamin Easton Yes   8861 C Bruce W. Kruger Yes   3711 B Christopher J. Reuter Yes   4628 B David K. Windmeier Yes  
15602 C Kevin Ebbin Yes   7736 C Brian C. Krull Yes   15676 C Steve R. Revier Yes   8550 B Stephen A. Windmeier Yes  
6351 B Dave B. Eckert Yes   269 Master Jason Kubiszewski Yes   3066 A Oakley "Oakley" Reyes Yes   23274 A Kenneth L. Winge Yes  
4667 C Dan Eckholm Yes   9223 B Robert Kucher Yes   15677 C Peter T. Reyes Yes   15713 C Lisa M. Winge Yes  
5558 C Christopher A. Eckman Yes   12991 C Eric Kuffel Yes   9277 C Geoff Rich Yes   15714 C Kris L. Winkelman Yes  
5557 C Kurt B. Eckman Yes   12992 B Allen Kugler Yes   8292 A Eddie Richmond Yes   15715 C Justin J. Winter Yes  
9879 C Neal B. Eckman Yes   21307 C Paul R. Kuhlman Yes   8295 C Nickolas Riebel Yes   10275 B Bryan D. Winterlin Yes  
15603 C Cole A. Edstrom-Oehlers Yes   10170 C Bradley M. Kummer Yes   9952 AA Bernard E. Riechers Yes   4629 C Marcia L. Winterlin Yes  
13947 C Benjamin "Ben" Edwards Yes   7741 B Jeffrey Kunz Yes   7122 C Andrea C. Rieck Yes   8554 B David J. Winters Yes  
9714 C Pierre Q. Edwards Yes   9731 B Trent D. Kupgisch Yes   8296 A David M. Rieck Yes   21426 AA Kevin R. Winters Yes  
3150 A Christopher D. Eggert Yes   10171 B Zachary Kwakenat Yes   8299 B Jonathan Riesinger Yes   8555 B Matthew P. Wise Yes  
6355 C Wayne Eiffler Yes   12996 C Shannon LaBonne Yes   8300 C Robert Riesinger Yes   7198 C Romain D. Wiser Yes  
1277 AA Jeff Eigenheer Yes   7064 B Andrew G. LaCoursiere Yes   3942 B Steven M. Ritchie Yes   8556 B James Wisner Yes  
15604 C Moulay "Younes" Elidrissi Younes Yes   4616 B James D. LaFriniere Yes   2026 B Jena R. Rivard Yes   8565 A James Wolverton Yes  
6357 C John Ellering Yes   1757 AA Nikolaos K. Lainus Yes   4272 C Lindsey M. Rivard Yes   9308 C Gerald R. Wood Yes  
15605 B Steven "Steve" Elliott Yes   7747 C Jason Lake Yes   15678 C Marcel "Marcel" Rivard III Yes   9985 C Steven L. Wright Yes  
6359 B Adam Ellsworth Yes   7748 B Jesse Lake Yes   1652 C Marcel H. Rivard Jr Yes   1407 A Josephine "Josie" Wylie Yes  
3231 B Neil Elmquist Yes   7742 B Richard L'Allier Yes   15679 C Wade E. Rivard Yes   2024 B Wayne W. Wylie Yes  
1828 A Bernie Elvendahl Yes   2218 C Craig Lampiasi Yes   3944 B Douglas D. Roatch Yes   8571 A Russell Yaucher Yes  
6361 B Matthew W. Emerson Yes   9915 B Timmy H. Landry Yes   8303 C Paul Robeck Yes   21430 C Matthew R. Yeager Yes  
165 A Zachary D. Engstrom Yes   7065 A Douglas A. Lang Yes   8304 B Daniel E. Roberg Yes   8574 C Todd D. Young Yes  
21247 A David J. Erickson Yes   7067 C Paul A. Lang Yes   9954 C Nathan C. Robertson Yes   8575 C Tony W. Young Yes  
6972 B Ken D. Erickson Yes   7760 B Thomas Lanigan Yes   8308 B Lynn F. Robinson Yes   8576 B Kenneth Youso Yes  
15606 C Kristy K. Erickson Yes   3897 A Christopher Lano Yes   21365 B Shane T. Robinson Yes   13132 B Jesse Yungner Yes  
319 B Larry N. Erickson Yes   2222 B Aaron D. Larson Yes   13064 B Raul R. Rodriguez Yes   7201 C Darol C. Zachary Yes  
10130 B Soren A. Erickson Yes   3520 AA April R. Larson Yes   8311 B Brandon J. Rogers Yes   8579 B Jay Zadlo Yes  
13863 C Robert Ervasti Yes   23307 B Brock A. Larson Yes   15680 C Jeffrey "Jeff" Rogers Yes   2521 B Jim Zauner Yes  
6367 B Edward Esaw Yes   1642 B David D. Larson Yes   15681 B Nicole "Nikki" Rogman Yes   4170 C Mike Zellner Yes  
6368 C Paul Ess Yes   7068 C David W. Larson Yes   2500 C William A. Rogman Yes   7203 B Paul R. Zerba Yes  
2952 B Brian Essig Yes   7763 C Gregory E. Larson Yes   9765 B Brent M. Rohe Yes   8581 B Thomas J. Zerby Yes  
9881 B Thomas W. Estell Yes   7765 B Jeffery A. Larson Yes   2746 C Scott Roiger Yes   923 B Mike Zerull Yes  
6376 B Leo Fair Yes   7766 B Jeremy P. Larson Yes   220 B Ronald "Kevin" Roloff Yes   8586 A Brian D. Zimmerman Yes  
10131 B Abdelhafid Fajri Yes   13000 C Katelyn N. Larson Yes   13066 C Roberta "Berta" Root Yes   15716 C William "Billy" Zimpel Yes  
6377 B Jesse P. Falk Yes   1345 B Kurt E. Larson Yes   21367 C Shanice Rosa-Calvo Yes   9986 B Mitch M. Zitzloff Yes  
15607 C Jeff C. Farnell Yes   7769 B Lee J. Larson Yes   4273 A Benjamin A. Ross Yes   9783 C Kim A. Zschunke Yes  
313 A john P. Farrell Yes   4835 C Luke Larson Yes   6804 A Thomas J. Ross Yes   8590 C Joseph Zugschwert Yes  
10132 C Lanny J. Farrell Yes   13001 C Nicholas D. Larson Yes   15682 C Jeffrey "Jeff" Rothbauer Yes   21432 C Daniel T. Zwak Yes  
6381 A Anthony L. Faust Yes   21312 C Rodger L. Larson Yes   5795 C Randy Rowell Yes   13134 B Steven Zwicky Yes  

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